The Ngo works for Women and Child welfare, Education and Agriculture since its inception in Gadag.


Shree Vidya Vividoddeshagala Mahila Mandala (R)

Working for poor and needy in society seemed much noble to the NGO rather than working for self.

Shree Vidya Vividoddeshagala Mahila Mandala is a non-profit organization registered under Karnataka Society Registration Act 1960 with a mission to focus on the welfare of women and children. It was founded in 2005-2006 in Gadag District. .We have catered to over 9000 individuals across all villages of Gadag, and district levels in Koppal, Dharwad, Bellary and Bijapur all these years. Our primary focus is on educating as well as engaging women and children with their special needs and through capacity building enhancing their skills. We have also been moving towards skill development training and counseling to women and assisting farmers on Joint liability group.We are also working against Child marriage ,crime against women by giving legal awareness, counselling also by promoting SHG to make women more self reliant and economically independent.


Main vision is the upliftment of Women and Children in rural areas.


Enhancing Social Help Groups (SHG) and providing Skill development programs for women to be self reliant and economically independent.To protect them against crime by giving legal awareness and counselling. To fight against Child marriage and provide shelter for orphans.



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Gangavva Patil

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Susavva Piddanagoudru

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Mallavva H. Piddanagoudru

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Kallavva Panigatti

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Neelavva Neelappagoudru

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Hanumavva Hugar


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Account Number: 17142069228

Bank: Kvg bank mundargi

Branch: mundargi

IFSC Code: KVGB0006108

All donations are eligible for tax savings under 80G.


shiroal hospital


Shree Vidya Vividoddeshagal Mahila Mandal (R) Gadag President SRMT Manjula Kalakeri C/o R.A.Jalihal Building 1st Floor Shiroal Hospital Near Gadag Karnataka.


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